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Wood Mountain


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Bill Ogle (Billy)

    Bill Ogle is the youngest son of James and Elizabeth Ogle, and the grandson of Tasunke Hin Hotewin and and William Hall Ogle. He grew up on his father's ranch at Wood Mountain. As a small boy he became interested in riding and roping. At age five he was already trying to wrestle calves at branding time.
    In 1952 he competed in the Wood Mountain rodeo for the first time.

Bill Ogle (Billy)

Eleven years later, in 1963, he won the
Saskatchewan Amateur Rodeo cowboys Association calf roping championship. In the meantime he was in the money in calf roping or steer decorating at nearly every rodeo he attended. Bill always credited his horses with a great part of his success. He rode one of his horses, Charcoal, for nearly twenty years. Although he no longer competes in rodeo, he says he would still like to own one more good horse.
    While he was still a youth, Bill Ogle began ranching with his father. On his father's death in 1978 he took over the ranch  and continues to raise cattle and break horses.
    In 1955 Bill Ogle married Shirley Thomas. They raised a family of three children - Brian, Travis and Robin.


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