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Kneeling Caribou with Antlers - 
Collection: James Houston - S2001-8025 - CD2001-315-007

Kneeling Caribou with Antlers
Nayoumealook (1891-1966)

Speaking of his first trip north, Houston explains: "I was eager to make sketches. One morning in the family tent where I had been invited to sleep, I drew a portrait of the wife of a visiting hunter. When I was finished, her husband carefully tore it from my sketchbook and neatly folded her picture into four. She seemed pleased. Soon the man disappeared and I went outside to catch a breath of fresh air. Before I could go back inside, the man returned and held out his closed fist. Alarmed, I thought that this kind of drawing could lead to a punch in the nose. But no. He opened his hand and inside it he held this small stone carving of a caribou. Smiling, he gave it to me."


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