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    Totem Poles: Myths, Magic and Monumental Art on the Pacific Northwest Coast
    Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1996
    Through this CD-ROM we wish to elaborate on the varied styles and meanings of the different totem pole traditions found along the northwest coast. The user can zoom in to get right up close and see the wonderful creatures that make up each pole. Over two hundred poles are examined and the stories they represent are told. Pole-raising ceremonies and interviews with carvers, captured on film, are presented in Quicktime. Your guide to all of this is a carver of the modern era. Follow him up and down the coast and find out for yourself all about the figures that stood upon the beach welcoming visitors from the sea, or the silent watchmen who sat upon tall sky-piercing cedars in villages ever on the lookout for intruders in the mist.

    "Totem Poles" contains over 350Mb of video, animation, original score music, sound effects, environmental sounds and wonderful screen artwork. Also includes skill-testing games.

    WINDOWS: 25 Mhz 486SX or better; 256 colour SVGA; SoundBlaster compatible sound card; Windows 3.1 or later, DOS 5.0 or later; QuickTime for Windows 2.01 (supplied)
    MACINTOSH: 25 Mhz 68030 or better; 14" monitor, 256 colours at 640 x 480; double speed CD-ROM drive; System 7.1
    GENERAL: 8Mb RAM; Mouse

    Raven's Canoe: a Tour of the Grand Hall; $26.95
    In Haida mythology, Raven's magic canoe can be shrunk to the size of a pine needle or expanded to hold the entire universe. In keeping with this idea, the Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization was built in the shape of a giant canoe to house the magnificent totem poles of the Indians who live on the coast of British Columbia. Their traditional houses are another remarkable feat. Six of these houses, representing the different linguistic groups on the Coast, have been reconstructed in the Grand Hall.

    This outstanding video (length: 31 minutes) combines views of the exhibits with historical film and contemporary footage to show how Native cultures have evolved and continue to flourish in the contemporary world. Copies are also available through the National Film Board of Canada.

    Tsimshian: From Time Immemorial
    Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1995
    The achievements of the Tsimshian-speaking peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast are as important to the cultural history of humankind as those of ancient Egypt and China. This visually rich CD Portfolio combines historical and contemporary photographs to present the lifestyle and beliefs of the Tsimshian-speaking peoples, whose homeland spans the northern coastal mainland and the Skeena and Nass River valleys of British Columbia. Topics covered include: the environment; archaeology; men's and women's work; trade and warfare; wealth and rank; and shamanism. Illustrations of selected artifacts from the collections of the Museum complement the text.
    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR IBM OR IBM-COMPATIBLE: PC AT or compatible 80386 or 80486; at least 4 MB of RAM; 4 MB available hard disk space; VGA display or better; DOS 3.3 or higher; Microsoft Windows System 3.0 or higher; Photo CD-compatible CD-ROM.
    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR MACINTOSH: Macintosh LC or higher; 4 MB of RAM; 4 MB available hard disk space; 8-bit (or higher) colour; System 6.05 or higher; Photo CD-compatible CD-ROM.