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Arrival of Strangers - The Last 500 Years

Early Relations

In the past 500 years, Aboriginal people have seen their populations decline and change, and their economies weakened. They have seen their political systems challenged by new governments, and their religions by new beliefs. They have adapted their forms of art to confront new realities. They have affirmed and reaffirmed their cultural identities and connection to the land. All of these issues were foreshadowed in their early relations with Europeans.

By the end of the 1800s, there were few Aboriginal people in Canada who had not felt the impact of the newcomers.

Coast Tsimshian
Glass trade beads and cotton ribbon
Canadian Museum of Civilization, VII-C-1512 e,
D2002-013105, CD2002-244-015
Necklace - VII-C-1512 e - D2002-013105 - CD2002-244-015

Stretched pelt
Innu (Montagnais)
Prepared by William-Mathieu Mark
Beaver pelt, wood and twine
Canadian Museum of Civilization, III-C-596, CD95-754-076

Pelt - III-C-596 - CD95-754-076

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