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An Ancient Bond with the Land

Arctic Whalers

Life in a Cold Climate

Long ago Inuit learned how to keep warm in a land with few resources, where the average temperature stays below freezing - sometimes far below freezing - for eight to ten months of the year.

Inuit winter clothing is layered for warmth. Made of caribou hide, the inner layer is worn with the hair side in, and the outer layer with the hair side out.

Drawings by Frédéric Back, from Inuit: Glimpses of an Arctic Past, by David Morrison and Geroges-Hébert Germain, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 96-1321 (bottom), 96-1328 (top)

Clothing - Drawing: Frédéric Back - 96-1328

Clothing - Drawing: Frédéric Back - 96-1321
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