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An Aboriginal Presence

We Are Still Here.

  We Contribute.

    We Are Diverse.

   We Have an Ancient and Ongoing
Relationship with the Land.

Nurse and child - Photograph: Fred Cattroll Nisga'a Tribal Council - Photograph: Gary Fiegehen
Veterans - Photograph: Jeffrey Thomas Mending a birchbark canoe - Library and Archives Canada - PA-074670

(top, left) Nurse and child, photograph by Fred Cattroll
© Fred Cattroll

(top, right) Joe Gosnell and Nisga'a Tribal Council, Ottawa, Ontario, October 12, 1999, photograph by Gary Fiegehen
© Gary Fiegehen

(bottom, left) Veterans at pow-wow, photograph by Jeffrey Thomas
© Jeffrey Thomas

(bottom, right) Aboriginal women mending a birchbark canoe, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, 1872
Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada, PA-074670

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Landscape photograph:
David Keenlyside, Canadian Museum of Civilization (DK 95-1-07)