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Wealth of Stories - A Horned Serpent, called Jipijka'm in Mi'kmaq and Weewillmekq' in Maliseet

A serpent that lived underwater, occasionally rising out of the water to take a human spouse, was "a worm an inch long, which can make itself into a horrid monster as large as a deer; yes, and much larger. It is m'teoulin; yes, it is a great magician."

Charles Leland, Algonquin Legends

We que moh wee will l'mick,
We que moh m'cha micso,
Som'awo wee will l'mick!
Cardup ke su m'so wo Sawo!

I call on the Wee-Will-l'mick!
I call on the Terrible One!
On the One with the Horns!
I dare him to appear!

Charles Leland, Algonquin Legends

Horned Serpent

Horned Serpent
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