An Aboriginal Presence

An Aboriginal Presence

Tom Longboat (1887-1949)

Born on the Six Nations reserve, Thomas Longboat whose Aboriginal name was Kakwe.ik (Everything), was a member of the Wolf clan of the O-nun'-dä-ga-o-no' (Onondaga) nation. He became a world champion long-distance runner and won the Boston Marathon in 1907.

William Sugar, of the Beaver Clan, made Longboat's cradle-board. The Wolf clan symbol is carved on the footboard and the Beaver clan symbol on the bow. An English merchant living at Six Nations engraved the rose, shamrock and thistle on the back.

Tom Longboat - Library and Archives Canada - C-014095 Cradle-board - III-I-1178 - CD98-217-052
(left) Tom Longboat, 1907, photograph by Charles Aylett
Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada, C-014095

(right) Cradle-board
O-nun'-dä-ga-o-no' (Onondaga)
About 1887
Made by William Sugar
Wood, deerskin and paint
Canadian Museum of Civilization, III-I-1178, CD98-217-052

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