The First Peoples of Canada - presenting the history and continuing presence of Aboriginal people in Canada

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This virtual exhibition looks at some facets of the history of Canada's Aboriginal peoples, underlining their fight for cultural survival and indicating the wealth of their modern-day contributions. It is based largely on information and artifacts presented in the First Peoples Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Neither pretends to be a comprehensive presentation of the history of all the Native groups in Canada. Rather, aspects of cultural identity are explored through four themes: the diversity of Aboriginal cultural expression; how the Aboriginal presence manifests itself within present-day Canada; the adaptation of traditional lifestyles to different environments across Canada; and the impact of the arrival and settlement of Europeans over the last 500 years.


Photos, left to right:

  • Children, Courtesy of The North West Company
  • Man and child, photograph by Fred Cattroll, © Fred Cattroll
  • Elder, photograph by Judy Thompson, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Pilot, photograph by Fred Cattroll, © Fred Cattroll