An Aboriginal Presence

An Aboriginal Presence

Jane Dragon

Jane Dragon, seamstress and educator, is of Chipewyan-Métis ancestry. Born in Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, she has lived most of her life in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. She is a highly accomplished hide tanner and seamstress, well-known for sewing hide and fur clothing, and for fine decorative work with beads, porcupine quills and embroidery thread. She teaches Dene crafts, bush skills and languages, and has served on the board of trustees of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Jane Dragon - Courtesy of Judy Thompson
Jane Dragon, photograph by Judy Thompson, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Parka - Vl-D-259 - CD95-643-038 Mittens - VI-D-261 a,b - D2002-013163 - CD2002-244 Boots - VI-D-260 a,b - D2002-013165 - CD2002-244
(left) Parka, (right) mittens and boots
Northwest Territories
Made by Jane Dragon
Duffle, wolf and beaver fur, caribou skin, moose hide, sheepskin, glass beads, wool, sateen and cotton
Canadian Museum of Civilization, Vl-D-259, CD95-643-038; VI-D-261 a,b, D2002-013163, CD2002-244; VI-D-260 a,b, D2002-013165, CD2002-244

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