This project was made possible in part through the Canadian Memory Fund, a Canadian Culture Online program of Canadian Heritage. The Canadian Memory Fund objective is to connect Canadians with their diverse heritage through a collaborative approach to presenting key collections online from Canada's federal, cultural heritage institutions

Canadian Culture Online / Culture canadienne en ligne

Geneviève Eustache
Manon Guilbert

CCO Managers
Paul Crêtes
Barbara Rottenberg
Audrey Vermette

Curatorial Direction
Sam Cronk

Research and Writing
Sam Cronk
Yadong Guan
Kathy McKinley, Ph.D., Ethnomusicologist
Benoit Thériault

Bibliographic Research
Anneh Vanessa Fletcher

Audio Digitization
Dalton Campbell, Assistant Documentalist: Archives

Archives Team
Team Leaders: Patricia Forget, Tania Aldred
Nancy Lauzière, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Véronique Paris, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Hannah Solway, Assistant Documentalist: Archives
Dalton Campbell, Assistant Documentalist: Archives

Web Team
Team Leaders: David Harkness, Carol-Ina Trudel
Mylène Choquette, Assistant Documentalist: Web Modules
Michael Doucette, Assistant Documentalist: Multimedia

System Administration
Robert Patterson: KE EMu
Sarah Prower: GEAC and VUBIS

Web Design and Production

Web Administration and Support
Sandra Hammel

Image Digitization
Digital Creations

Translation and Editing Services
Christiane Ryan
Sheila Singhal
Paula Sousa