Viceroy Toys

Sponge Balls

Sponge Balls Viceroy Manufacturing Co. Limited - Sponge Balls, © Viceroy Reliable Group, collection CMC

The Viceroy Manufacturing Company began the production of rubber toys in Toronto, Ontario in 1930. Viceroy produced an extensive array of balls: sports balls, toys balls, and specialty balls, as well as rubber bath toys and beach toys. They also manufactured rubber and vinyl dolls and small toy cars and trucks.

In the 1950s, in conjunction with Sunruco (Sun Rubber Company of Barberton, Ohio), Viceroy produced a popular line of rubber Walt Disney toys, including a Mickey Mouse fire-truck, Air Mail plane, and tractor and a Donald Duck roadster. These same toys were produced in the U.S.A. by Sunruco, the only difference being in the name found on the underside.

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