Behind the Scenes… Featuring Mitsou Gélinas!

Judith Klassen

Judith Klassen, Curator of Cultural Expression, is your host as this video takes you behind the scenes of the Canadian Museum of History with special guest and Québécoise cultural icon, Mitsou.

Explore the Museum’s acquisitions process through the eyes of both a curator and a donor. Judith Klassen, Curator of Cultural Expression, takes you behind the scenes for a look at the decisions a curator must make when pursuing a new acquisition. Viewers will also be treated to highlights from the Museum’s popular music collection, including one of Oscar Peterson’s tuxedo jackets, a mouth bow played by Buffy Sainte-Marie, and a track suit worn on stage by Anne Murray.

Sharing stories associated with her stage clothing, Mitsou reflects upon her donation to the Canadian Museum of History. From a cowboy hat she wore for her hit song “Bye Bye Mon Cowboy” to her El Mundo cover art, she describes the significance of these objects to her, and the creative process behind them.

Mitsou Gélinas looking at her stage clothing.

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