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Haida Gwaii Salon

The Haida Gwaii Salon is located at the far end of the Grand Hall, and shares the same spectacular views and architecture. It also features Alex Janvier’s magnificent Morning Star, painted on the ceiling dome seven storeys above the granite floor.


This space can accommodate up to 100 guests for a seated dinner, and up to 400 for a stand-up cocktail reception.

Rental Fee

$3,500 plus tax.

Non-profit and government organizations receive a 15% discount ($2,975 plus tax).

The Haida Gwaii Salon can be rented as an extension to the Grand Hall, for a discounted fee of $1,100 plus tax.

Thursday evenings are $550 extra.



Floor Plans

Haida Gwaii Salon (PDF file, 258 Kb)
Grand Hall and Haida Gwaii Salon (PDF file, 151 Kb)


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