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Annual Report 2016–2017


Donors and Sponsors

Thank you for your support

The corporation is extremely grateful for the generous contributions of our donors, and for the investments made by our corporate sponsors. Their support is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for exhibitions, programming and collections development for both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum.

Spotlight on the Canadian History Hall

Gallery entrances

The Canadian History Hall gallery entrances

Since the campaign was first launched, the Museum has received support from over 430 donors from across the country, consisting of individuals, foundations and corporations. The Museum has raised nearly $9 million for the Canadian History Hall, a milestone amount, surpassing its original target of $5 million.

The Museum of History was fortunate to receive several significant record-breaking donations from notable philanthropists. All three galleries of the Canadian History Hall have been named for distinguished Canadian families.

Gallery 1: Rossy Family Gallery

The Rossy Family Foundation is supporting the Hall with a generous gift of $3 million. Of this sum, $1 million is allocated to the Rossy Family Canadian History Hall Education Project Fund.

Gallery 2: Fredrik Eaton Family Gallery

The Catherine and Fredrik Eaton Family Charitable Foundation have generously donated $2 million in support of the Hall.

Gallery 3: The Honorable Hilary M. Weston and W. Galen Weston Gallery

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation and the Weston Family are proud supporters of Gallery 3 of the Hall with a generous gift of $2 million.

The Museum would also like to give special thanks to the other generous Canadian History Hall donors who have pledged $100,000 or more in support of this legacy project since the campaign was first launched:

  • The Wilson Foundation, gift of $600,000
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, gift of $400,000
  • Windfields Farm Limited, gift of $150,000
  • BCU Foundation, gift of $100,000
  • Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund, gift of $100,000
  • Pomerleau, gift of $100,000
  • The Salamander Foundation, gift of $100,000

2016–17 Donations and Pledges

This is a list of donors and sponsors who have made financial donations over $150, or pledge installments for major gifts, during the fiscal year. The category in which each donor is listed reflects the value of the gift or pledge installment received in the 2016–17 fiscal year, and does not represent the total gift generously offered to the Museum.

$1,000,000 + The Rossy Family Foundation
$500,000 to $999,999 The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
$100,000 to $249,999 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
The Fredrik Eaton Family
John and Elizabeth Irving
The Wilson Foundation
$50,000 to $99,999 Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund
HCol (Ret’d) John C. Eaton, O.Ont., K.St.J., D.Com. and HCol (Ret’d) Sally Horsfall Eaton, S.S.St.J., C.D., R.N., LL.D.
Friends of the Canadian War Museum
$25,000 to $49,999 Dr. John Scott Cowan
R. Howard Webster Foundation
$10,000 to $24,999 BCU Foundation
Eugene and Luba Zaraska Family
Fleming Foundation
Teknion Ltd.
$5,000 to $9,999 Andrea T. Bobkowicz
Dr. Linda Grayson
$1,000 to $4,999 Karen and Bill Barnett
Raymond and Audrey Beaulieu
Maurice Corbett
Dawne Deeley
Maurice Dupasquier
Russell and Carol Finch
The Fleck Family Foundation
J. (Joe) Geurts
Jean Giguère, C.M. and Dennis Giguère
Michael and Anne Gough
J. L. Granatstein
Raymond Herrington
Norman Hillmer and Susan Whitney
Historica Canada
IODE Walter Baker Chapter
Jackman Foundation
Paul Kavanagh
Audrey Kenny
Mr. Robert J. Killen
Douglas M. Kilpatrick
Lower Canada College
Peter Neary and Hilary Bates Neary
Dean F. Oliver
Janice, Caroline, Patrick and Mark O’Neill
Orillia Unit 400 ANAVETS in Canada
Col Kevin Pehr
James Pitsula
Mary and Guy Pratte
Elinor Gill Ratcliffe, C.M., O.N.L., LL.D.
H. Graham Rawlinson and Catherine E. Salo
Donald Rutherford
Chantal Schryer
John and Donna Schwartzburg
SLt Richard Iorweth Thorman, RCA
Robert G. Tucker
W. A. Waselovich
Robert C. Wilband
Donna Lee and J. W. Zaleski
$500 to $999 Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
Judith Baxter
Michael Bliss
Maj J. Brodeur
Brookfield High School
Shirley Brosseau
Michèle Canto
John Catto
Corporation du Fort St-Jean
Nancy L. Court
Frieda Dym
John C. Franklin
Eleanor Palmer Friesen
R. Allan Gould
Richard Gwyn
Jason Halter
Darren Hines
Donald G. Hook
Roy D. James
Maj (Ret’d) Frank and Anne Jefferies
John McCrae Secondary School
Geoffrey Joyner
Linda Kincaid
J. V. Th. Knoppers
Robert George Lacey
Norman Lyng
Dr. James and Cynthia MacDonald
John and Nancy Matthews
Francis H. Milledge
LCpl Donley Mogan
Arley K. Molloy
Howard H. Newman
Charles B. Nixon
David and Patricia Noakes
John and Sylvie O’Driscoll
Brian P. Petruic
Melissa Phillips
Joan Porter
John Redmond
Megan Richardson
Richard W. Rinn
Thomas A. Ripley
Karen Rowbottom
Don and Jean Rutherford
Selwyn House School
Augusta Vineberg Solomon
Stanstead College
Walter G. Sychylo
Nancy and George Taylor
Claude Thibault
LGen Kenneth J. Thorneycroft
Chrissie Unterhoffer
Jack Whitmore
William Young and Phillipe Bussy
$150 to $499 Douglas Acton
Shirley Ahern
Lois M. Akana
Tim Allan
James Anderson
Marion E. Anderson
Frederick L. Arnold
Cliff Arthur
MWO (Ret’d) Carl J. and Dorothy E. Arthurs
Ashbury College
Roger Ashby
Margaret Bachynski
Ian K. Barker
Sydney Barnett
MWO (Ret’d) R. J. Bartlett
LCol (Ret’d) B. Grahame Baskerville
Douglas Bean
Beryl and Omar Beckett
David and Barrie Bercuson
Vera Besso
Donald B. Best
Joost Blom
Douglas Boxall
Pauline Ewanyshyn-Braaksma
George A. Bradshaw
Domenic Bravi
Donald E. Bremner
Nancy Brickwood
Victoria Brookes
Dr. Frederick J. Brooks-Hill
Iris Brown
John Bufton
Arthur G. Buskas
Gordon and Vera Cameron
Betty and Aldo Campitelli
Leah Carmichael
Christian Carrier
LCol Donald and Joyce Carrington
John Carter
Peter Catoen
James W. Chipman
Wing Y. Choy
B. Caroline Clark
Paul Clarry
John Clingen
Collège Letendre
Collège Saint-Sacrement
Sterling Conrad
K. G. Cox
Brian and Lindsay Cuthbertson
Mr. Barry H. Davidson
De Grave, Jean
Maj (Ret’d) Murray G. Decker
Douglas Dennis
Mary Frances DeRochie
Raymond Deschamps
Mrs. Philip Dexter
MCpl Alden Dodge
Donbar Medical Inc.
Rod Donovan
Lila Doughty
Arthur B. C. Drache
Marilynne Drummond
Dr. Robert Drummond
Leanne Duncan
Valerie Dunlop
Leslie Vincent Dunn
Kenneth Durie
Mark Dwor
LCol Reverend Dennis Dwyer
John L. Easson
John P. Evans
Patricia Evernden
Bruce Farrand
Frederick A. Fimio
David Finley
RAdm Patrick Finn
Murray M. Fisher
William Flahr
Capt (Ret’d) Peter Forsberg
Donald B. Foster
MGen Norm S. Freeman
Hugh W. A. Fuller
Doreen Gabel
Marielle S. Gagné
Eileen Gascon
Henri François Gautrin
LCol (Ret’d) David V. Geary
William D. Gibb
Lorna C. Gilbertson
Anthony Glen
Robert Glendinning
Irwin H. Goertzen
Nan Margaret Griffiths
Wayne Guenther
Carole and Tony Guzman
Michael F. H. Halleran
Brian Hansen
BGen (Ret’d) James I. Hanson
Cathy and David Harbinson
Derek Harrison
Mrs. Russell Harrison
Ron Hartle
BGen Sheila A. Hellstrom
Lawrence and Beatrice Herman
Peter A. Herrndorf
Kevin B. Higgins
Kenneth Higgs
Ken and Lydia Hollas
Margaret Holmes
Marion V. Holmes
Robert and Shirley Hopper
Thomas P. Hribar
Ray Huether
R. Douglas and Colleen Hunter
Anne Hurlbut
Chris and Iola Ingersoll
Percy Jackson
Kenneth Jewett
Richard Johnson
Ernest Jubinville
Jeanne Kavanagh
Maj Terry B. Kelly
Otto Kerr
John G. Kersley
Robert Kincaid
Kiwanis Club of Ottawa
LCol Gerhard A. W. Knopf
Robin Labatt
Ken and Gale Langille
Ralph Langtry
Lyle Lawson
Jack F. Layton
Joseph H. Leach
Douglas Leakey and Betty De Varennes
Ms. Karen Clark LeBlanc
G. L. (Lou) Lesperance
John C. and D. Lorraine Little
Donald B. Lloyd
Dwight Logan
Maj (Ret’d) J. A. David Lorente
Douglas Louch
Loyola High School
Neil Lunty
Willis Lynch
Dr. Ian MacDonald
Angela MacDonell
Colin A. Mackay
LGen Donald C. MacKenzie
Ralph A. MacLean
Wayne MacPherson
Marion E. Magee
Serge H. Malaison
Gen Paul Manson
Robert G. Marsden
Judge Lauren Marshall
Jamieson K. Martin
David G. Mast
Richard Maxfield
Sheila McCormack
Sheila McDermott
Al McElveny
Nancy McFadyen
Col (Ret’d) D. B. McGibbon
Virginia McLaughlin
David McLeod
Gordon McNulty
Susan Merry
Cpl William O. Minish
Warren Mitchell
Montship Inc.
Jerry E. Moore
David S. Morgan
William Muir
Dr. Karen Mulhallen
Rupert and Elaine Mullins
Ken Nicholson
J. Erik Norenius
Constance O’Donnell
Mabel Oram
Osgoode Township High School
Alexander and Heather Paine
Harry Papushka
Peter R. Paterson
Eric N. Patterson
James Patton
Martin Peach
Col (Ret’d) Alain Pellerin, O.M.M., C.D.
William George Perry
Dorothy Phillips
MGen (Ret’d) Alan Pickering
Joseph Pighin
William Pope
Jean-Luc Prefontaine
John Douglas Price
Irwin Rajesky
Glenda J. Redden
Hazel Redmond
A. Kent Robinson
Bruce W. Robinson
David Robinson
Muriel Rolfe
Walter Romanow
Richard Ryan
Dr. Brian Sabiston
The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
Beverly Schaeffer
Gene R. Scissons
Keith Scott
Carl Severin
Hannah Shannon
Debra Shepherd
Betty Sherwood
Mark and Pat Shields
James Sills
Marvin G. Sinclair
James M. Slavens
Ben Smith
Donald Francis Smith
Michael D. Smith
Robert W. Smith
Shiela M. Smith
Tom W. and Nell Smith
Wendy and Walter Somerville
J. Wallace and Dawn Sparling
St. George’s School of Montreal
William E. Stavert
Tom Stevens
F. John Stewart
John D. Stewart
Merlyn and Tom Stoate
Richard D. Storey
Judy Street
George Strmotich
LCol (Ret’d) Ian Sutherland
Scott Sutherland and Lindsay DuVal
Edward Swinton and Eldred Cook
Al Tanenbaum
Lee Taylor
James G. Thompson
Rowland and Linda Tipper
Trafalgar School for Girls
Francis E. Traynor
Yves Tremblay
Vernon G. and Beryl A. O. Turner
Louise Vanasse
Dr. Jonathan F. Vance
Jeannine Vezina
Kenneth N. Walker
Peter Ward
Gordon and Joanne Watt
Ronald K. Watts
R. A. White
LCol Peter J. Williams
Thomas Wilson
June and John (Jack) Winik
Michael and Amy Wolfe
E. Ferne Wolstenholme
Woodroffe High School
Violet L. Wooff
David Wysynski
Henry B. Yates

Legacy Circle

We are proud to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for providing a future gift to the Museums through a bequest, gift of life insurance or other planned giving arrangement.

J. L. Granatstein
Col (Ret’d) Jarrott W. Holtzhauer
Ernest Howard
Paul Kavanagh
Gen (Ret’d) Paul D. Manson
Ann R. Mooney
John and Donna Schwartzburg
SLt Richard Iorweth Thorman, RCA

Benefactor PLUS Members


Jill Carleton
Judy Young Drache and Arthur B. C. Drache, C.M., Q.C.
Bernard A. Gingras
Sylvie Morel
Nicole Myrand
Sunny and Nini Pal
The Ven. David Selzer and Ms. Ann E. Miller

2016–17 Artifact Donors

This is a list of individuals and organizations that have chosen to be recognized for their artifact donation this year. Their generous donations represent a remarkable acknowledgement of the value of our shared history, culture and identity.

Douglas Barrett
Elizabeth Bollmann
Dr. Peter E. Campos
Manon Chapleau
Robert Côté, O.C.
The R. H. Davies Family
Steven Fletcher
The Bob Gehrke Family
The Globe and Mail
J. L. Granatstein
Reesa Greenberg
Anne Stanfield, Donald Henderson and Betsey Gudz
Les Harris
Hon. Dr. Lynda Haverstock and Mr. Harley Olsen
Hon. Serge Joyal
Karen Luczak
Ken Lyons
Lorenzo Mancini
René J. and Thérèse Marin
Bruce McCaughey
Margaret Bruun-Meyer
Senator Wilfred P. Moore, Q.C.
Ann Morton
Mark O’Neill
Wade Pitman
Dr. Victor Rabinovitch
The Rachlis Family
The Reitberger Family
Margaret Robertson
Guy Rowe-Sleeman
Royal Canadian Legion, Kings Branch #006, Kentville, NS
Marjorie Sandilands
The Sarsfield Family
Susan Evans Shaw
Nicla Sivilotti for the “Mani d’Oro” Kingston
William S. T. Sloan
Smythe Family
Daryl and Barton Stone
Olivia Thornburn
Lorraine Tomkewich (née Klassen)
Arleigh Trail
J. Glenn Vickers
Jean-Luc Vincent
Michael C. F. Webb
Sharon Stevenson Williams