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Museums and the Internet: Eight Years of Canadian Experience – Page 7

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1 The Corporation comprises two main museums with separate sites, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum.

2 Korea’s leading position is due in part to the high competition between broadband infrastructure providers, and also to the large proportion of Koreans who live in apartment buildings. For an analysis of international developments, see the report issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy, The Development of Broadband Access in OECD Countries, Paris: OECD, 2001.

3 Reported in “Household Internet Use Survey”, The Daily, 26 July 2001; Statistics Canada Web site: The survey was conducted in January 2001.

4 Reported by Guy Dixon, “More Canadians venture on-line at home”, Toronto Globe and Mail, 26 July 2001.

5 Comparison has been made with the findings of the UCLA Center for Communication Policy, The UCLA Internet Report 2001: Surveying the Digital Future, Year Two, Los Angeles: University of California, 2001.

6 No correlation has yet been found between Internet use and changes in children’s grades at school.

7 Initiatives to scan entire library collections, while impressive, will ultimately founder because of difficulties with navigation, slow download times for scanned images of pages (nowhere near comparable with the efficiency and effectiveness of leafing through a book), and the inability to conduct full-text keyword searches on such images.

8 The principal listing of Canadian museum Web sites, part of the WWW Virtual Library, is maintained by the Canadian Heritage Information Network at but cannot be considered comprehensive, reflecting primarily those institutions with dedicated, as opposed to shared, sites. Statistics on the size of Canada’s museum community and its historical growth can be found on the Canadian Museums Association Web site:

9 Their sites can be found at (respectively):,, and

10 Knowledge resources on these sites can be found at and

11 Respectively:,,

12 Their sites are found at:,,,, A directory showing the extent of online coverage of Canada’s human history can be found on the Canadian Museum of Civilization Web site at:

13 At

14 Developed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network, long a leader in fostering the use of computer technology in museums. The VMC can be found at

15 For example, the 24 Hour Museum in the UK ( and Australian Museums Online (

16 George MacDonald and Stephen Alsford, “Toward the Meta-Museum,” pp. 267-278 in The Wired Museum, ed. K. Garmil-Jones, Washington: American Association of Museums, 1997.


18 and

19 Hits refers to a request made from a client computer to the server to deliver a specific file; most Web pages comprise multiple files, therefore this statistic provides a highly inflated portrayal of Web site use.

20 User sessions represent a clustering of requests from the same user during a delimited time-frame, such as to suggest a “visit” marked by a commencement of activity and a conclusion of activity. However, defining the scope of a session is not an objective exercise and this makes comparability difficult.

21 E.g. relatively high educational level and income, similar median age and range of occupations.

22 This is federal government policy, but also a matter of pride in an institution whose aim is in part to show Canadians – anglophone and francophone – their shared heritage; includes some content in other languages as well.

23 The results can be seen at

24 That is, the kind of promotion or public information content traditionally issued through brochures or leaflets.


26 QuickTime VR creates photographic panoramas of spaces, which can be stitched together to simulate a progression through a gallery; the tour can be found at

27 Virtual Reality Markup Language allows for a graphic representation of a space that can be explored by the computer user.




31 Accessed through a Kids Page portal at





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