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  1. The centre’s mission is “to offer innovative, interactive new media technologies and services in the areas of multimedia, Internet services and electronic commerce. It is designed to facilitate the creation, archiving, and distribution of content for the Information Highway; to forge new partnerships for the development and distribution of interactive new media applications and services; to work with universities and the academic sector for market research; and to create a new media showcase and a window on the Information Highway for businesses and the general public.”

  2. However, this initial analysis covered those who registered during the summer, thus likely underrepresenting the student population, who are believed to be an important part of the clientele of CMC’s Web site.

  3. Repeated surveys, notably those by the GVU Center at Georgia Institute of Technology (, have shown opposition to user fees additional to those for general Internet access, but this attitude may change as more quality information is available online and its value becomes more generally perceived.

  4. Information on the Buhen VR can be found on the World Wide Web at


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