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Research and Collections

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I would like to thank Martin Appelt, Jette Arneborg, and Hans Christian Gulløv from the Danish National Museum for the invitation to participate in the conference and for making archaeological collections accessible to me during that time. I would also like to express my appreciation to Else Østergård and Paul Grinder Hanson at the Danish National Museum for taking time to show me the Greenlandic Norse textile and wood collections while I was in Copenhagen. I want to thank Penelope Walton Rogers from Textile Research in Archaeology in York, England who identified the yarns and answered many questions. I would like to acknowledge Daniel Odess at the Smithsonian Institution who suggested that I examine the yarn from the Willows Island 4 collection which he excavated as part of his doctoral research. The Canadian Museum of Civilization provided support for some of the research that was done in preparation for this paper, and I would like to thank a number of individuals working at the museum. Stacey Girling-Christie and Tim Panas from Collections Management Services have provided countless hours of assistance, as has my student volunteer, Lindsay Paterson. I would also like to express my appreciation to Julie Hughes and Carolyn Marchand from Conservation and Technical Services, Sarah Prower and Ann Rae from Collections Management Services, and Sylvie Ledoux from the Archaeological Survey of Canada. The Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon data base compiled by Richard Morlan from the Archaeological Survey of Canada has been an invaluable tool in preparing this paper and I want to acknowledge Dick for his efforts. Finally, for the interest they have shown and the knowledge they have shared, I wish to thank Jacques Cinq-Mars, Robert McGhee, and David Morrison from the Archaeological Survey of Canada.


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