Research and Collections

Research and Collections


Internship Group 2001-2002

Aboriginal Training Programme in Museum Practices
Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation (CMCC)
Jessica Tomic-Bagshaw
Kerri McDonnell
Georgina Nicloux
Shirley Muldon
Claudette Rocan

Every member of this year’s Aboriginal Internship Group worked diligently on development of this project. Their hard work made this project possible.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the people who helped us on this project. We sincerely appreciate the information and knowledge that these individuals shared with us.

Sandra Hammel
Web Page Design and Production

Stephen Alsford
Museum Webmaster
Mr. Alsford helped put together the technical aspects of this web page. He also gave us training sessions on working with HTML. Thank you, Stephen.

Karen Graham
Director, Audit and Evaluation
Thank you, Karen, for your help and information about surveys, feasibility studies, and marketing.

Dan Hoffman
Nepean Museum
Ottawa, Ontario
We greatly appreciate Mr. Hoffman’s contribution regarding how a small museum must market itself effectively and make efficient use of resources.

Jean-François O’Bomsawin
Aboriginal Training Programme in Museum Practices
Thank you, Jean-François, for helping us with project coordination. Your help and guidance were outstanding.

Mr. Elmer A. Pilon
Bytown Museum
Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. Pilon shared his knowledge and experience regarding regional museum management, including establishing a vision, mandate, and policies. The group is thankful for your many valuable ideas and suggestions.

Céline Robertson
Consultant, Ontario Region
Cultural Development, Arts & Heritage
Canadian Heritage
Ottawa, Ontario
Celine contributed her knowledge regarding cultural centre development, and provided us with information about funding programs, criteria, and related requirements. Ms. Robertson is an excellent resource. Thanks again.

Research Strategy

Research Strategy
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