Museum extends Profit and Ambition

August 18, 2010

Posted on: 17/08/2010

Museum extends Profit and Ambition 

Gatineau, Quebec, August 17, 2010 — The Canadian Museum of Civilization is extending the run of its popular and engrossing exhibition Profit and Ambition: The Canadian Fur Trade, 1779–1821. The special exhibition will remain open until February 6, 2011, giving more visitors an opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating and significant chapters in Canadian history.  

Also extended is a complementary programme of live interpretation provided through the Museum’s Volunteer Interpreter Program. “In the Time of the Voyageurs” offers lively interactions with visitors as they learn about daily life on the fur-trade routes of two centuries ago.

The exhibition

Profit and Ambition tells an epic story of fortune, endurance and adventure on Canada’s path to expansion and development. The exhibition profiles the North West Company, an extraordinary consortium of Montréal entrepreneurs, Scottish explorers, French-Canadian voyageurs, Métis bison hunters, Aboriginal trappers and “country wives.” Together, they created a commercial empire, opened new routes across the continent and laid the groundwork for the Canada we know today.

The exhibition features about 250 artifacts and works of art. Among the notable items are trade goods—such as muskets, metal tools and jewellery—and articles of Aboriginal and European clothing. Also featured are original North West Company documents such as partnership agreements, voyageur contracts and account books. Works of art include paintings by Frances Anne Hopkins, an extraordinary English woman who recorded iconic scenes of the fur trade.

Profit and Ambition: The Canadian Fur Trade, 1779–1821 will be presented until February 6, 2011 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec.

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