Last chance to see the Berenstain Bears at the Canadian Children’s Museum

September 1, 2006

Last chance to see the Berenstain Bears at the Canadian Children’s Museum

Gatineau, Quebec, August 30, 2006 — Come and see Growing up with the Berenstain Bears at the Canadian Children’s Museum, located in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, before the exhibition closes on Sunday, September 10, 2006. This special exhibition brings to life the memorable characters of the Bear family, whose adventures were first published in 1962, and gives children a chance to see them up close.

Children will enjoy playing out real-life dilemmas and situations in safe and, for many, familiar settings. The clubhouse, the kitchen, the playground, the living room, and even scary Skull Rock are featured in the exhibition, drawing young visitors into conversations and activities that will be a real delight.

With the guidance of the Berenstain Bear characters, visitors explore experiences common and critical to growing up. The exhibition takes a page from the Berenstain Bear books, using the stories’ environments, choices, adventures and dilemmas to encourage children to role-play, experiment and problem-solve. The exhibition makes kids smile while learning about life’s lessons and providing adults with practical, down-to-earth guidance for handling the toughest parenting questions.

Please note as well that the Canadian Children’s Museum is expanding to offer even more room for children’s fun and games. Expansion work will be completed on May 2007. However, numerous special activities at the Canadian Children’s Museum will continue throughout the fall. Don’t miss the celebration of Trung Thu, Children’s Day in Vietnam, on September 23 and 24, as well as our special activity for apple season, Guten Appetit!, on September 30 and October 1, when delicious apple strudel and Bavarian music be be featured highlights.

More information is available by calling (819) 776-7000 or 1 800 555-5621.

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