About the Theatre

  • 2 giant screens
  • 7 storeys high
  • 180o field of vision
  • 6-channel digital sound system
  • 30 000 watts of sound
  • 15 000 watts of light creating images that you can see from the moon
  • 1 ultimate IMAX experienceTM

The CMH’s IMAX Theatre

  • Offers the ultimate IMAX Experience on the region’s biggest and brightest screen!
  • Is the only one in North America to present 3D films on the IMAX screen and 2D films on the IMAX Dome
  • Uses the largest commercial film format in motion picture history: 70 mm, 15-perforation
  • Offers a unique perspective on history, culture, adventure and nature through an array of stunning films that touch and inspire

The Dome

  • Offers an incredibly immersive cinematographic experience with its 180o field of vision

The Screen

  • Is a 3D polarized high-gain screen, measuring 22,86 meters wide by 16,31 meters high (75 feet wide and 53 feet high). That’s 3975 square feet – it’s huge!

The IMAX 3D SR Projection System

  • Produces 15 000 watts of light creating images that you can see from the moon!
  • Moves film through two reels simultaneously at 102.87meters per minute

The Sound System

  • Is a full wrap-around 6-channel digital sound system that produces 30 000 watts of audio – nearly doubling its previous output!

Proudly Canadian, Undeniably Global

  • IMAX film camera and projector technologies are Canadian developments
  • In 1997, IMAX Corporation won the Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement
  • Over 300 theatres in 40 countries

IMAX Corporation

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Canadian Museum of History
100 Laurier St.,
Gatineau (QC) K1A 0M8
Tel: 1 (800) 555-5621

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