What do you believe will happen to you after you die?

    • James
    • September 2, 2012

    I believe the world we are part of, and what came before our existence and what will come after, is all there is. Heaven and hell are here in the world – sometimes people create their own and other times these are imposed on them. I believe the idea of an after life elsewhere is mythology that provides comfort. People do have an afterlife but this is the memories they leave behind.

    • paul
    • September 2, 2012

    Jard to know, suspect nothing. but this does not deny the need for spiritual space, a need to search for the deeper meanings of why we are here. Unitarians in Dublin believe hat nothing is certain, that we are all on a journey and the journey is the task, heaven (nuair a bhi se an) is not for us to worry about. we need to worry about now. eternity if there is one, will look after itself. this does not stop me saying “may god hold you in the palm of his hand”.

    • lindsay
    • September 1, 2012

    I will find out when I get there. I don’t think anyone can know, especially once you consider the number of different ideas in the world concerning it.

    • amelia
    • September 1, 2012

    I don’t have any real belief about what happens after death.

    • Anthony
    • September 1, 2012

    I will stand in judgement and will either spent eternity with God in heaven or without God in a miserable state.

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