Have you ever met your god(s)?

    • Gordon
    • March 1, 2012

    I believe in God as a metaphor for human potential. In that understanding, I have met, and continue to meet, God each and every day.

    • Laurie
    • February 25, 2012

    I have never “met” her, but on occasion The Goddess has spoke to me.

    • anonymous
    • February 23, 2012

    I have never spoke to them, but they are here all around us everyday

    • Marion
    • February 9, 2012

    God is in front of our eyes, in other people, in the trees, grass, stones, and earth under your feet. I experience Her/Him when I breathe, walk, eat, and just rest. There have been times when the God in someone reacts to the God in me, when I need it most. I have seen/experienced God. There was one time, when the universe expanded before me, and I could experience love everywhere. It lasted a blissful hour maybe. I have not gotten back there yet, but I practice so that I may get there again.

    • Maryam
    • February 7, 2012

    No. I believe, I will meet Allah (God) in the hereafter. To see is to believe and so my test in this life is to believe in his existence without having seen him. His creation is what I look at to gain a glimpse of his majesty and power. And He send us prophets like Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim, Mohamed and others to remind us of our purpose.