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To enhance your visit to DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, enjoy the film Shrek at CINÉ+ from March 30 to April 2.

This cinematic experience is included in your Museum admission fee.

Shrek — an ogre who is greenish, cynical and grouchy — lives in a swamp that he views as his private, peaceful haven. One morning, he discovers that numerous fairy-tale creatures have invaded his swamp. Annoyed, Shrek goes to the castle of Lord Farquaad, who has supposedly exiled the creatures from his kingdom. Lord Farquaad wants to marry Princess Fiona, but she is imprisoned in a tower that is guarded by a dragon. A brave knight is needed to rescue the fair maiden, and Shrek agrees to take on the mission. In exchange, Lord Farquaad must clear Shrek’s swamp of the fairy-tale invaders. Unbeknownst to Shrek, Princess Fiona is hiding a deep, dark secret that will take Shrek and his companion, Donkey, on a heart-stopping and dangerous adventure.

The film screening schedule for Shrek at CINÉ+ will be published shortly.


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