CHAN -- Zichan Tianyi Zheng Concert

CHAN -- Zichan Tianyi Zheng Concert

 At the Museum of Civilization Theatre on March 16th 2013, at 6:30pm

               TEL: 613-286-7728 or 613-983-9025 or 613-884-2567


Gu Zheng is a highly expressive multi-string Chinese instrument with an exquisite sound. It has over 2,500 years of history.  Through thousands of years of tradition, Zheng is still being praised for its combined crystal clear sound and rich acoustical melodies. It is renowned as the "Oriental Piano" outside of China.

Ottawa Tianyi Guzheng Studio is founded by renowned international Guzheng performer Zichan (Cindy) Yang. She began Guzheng discipline at a very young age. Her intimate, expressive and passionate performances have earned her numerous awards in China. Her performances have been described as "Transpiring the spirit of traditional Chinese culture through Guzheng Music".

Tianyi Guzheng Studio has a large volume of students of all ages and different cultural background. The sudio has been very active in the community. As the principal of the Studio, Cindy has been invited to perform at the Museum of Civilization and the National Art Gallery of Canada, representing Chinese traditional culture as a valuable ingredient of Canada's multiculturalism. . She also encourages her students to perform for fundraising and different community activities as well as multi-culture event.

On March 16th 2013, Cindy, along with her students, will be hosting a Guzheng Concert at Museum of Civilization to show case the beautiful Chinese instrument as well as the Chinese Culture. In the show, there will be some other Chinese dancing troupes and Western bands. It is going to be a spectacular performance where ancient meets modern; East meets West. It's going to a breath taking performance. 

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Date March 16, 2013 - March 16, 2013
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