Selling Smoke
Selling Smoke

How Canadian Cigar Boxes Pitched Their Wares  1883-1935

Buyer Enjoy-Buyer Beware
 Quality by Association

The name or the graphic implied that THIS cigar was so good it was smoked by the wealthy, the powerful, the leisured, and the artistic.

Cigar box label : Broker  
Trimmed nailed wood box (25)
Factory 2 Port 13-D Series of 1922
Likely The Rock City Cigar Co., Lévis, Que.
CMC 2004.120.2 | D2004-20038
Cigar box label : Casino  
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 1 IRD 14 Series of 1883
Likely J. Renaud, Joliette, Que.
CMC 2003.46.76 | S2004-274
Cigar box label : My Partner  
My Partner
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 10 IRD 26 Series of 1897
Ameri-Cuba Cigar Factory, Toronto, Ont.
CMC D-13885 | D2002-013811
Cigar box label : Artiste  
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 4 IRD 17 Series of 1915
Goulet Bros., Montreal, Que.
CMC 2004.38.4 | D2004-19366
Cigar box label : Milo  
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 2 IRD 22 Series of 1915
Geo. A. McGowan Co., Ltd., Kingston, Ont.
CMC 2004.122.14 | D2004-20058
Cigar box label : House of Lords  
House of Lords
Paper-covered cardboard box (50)
Factory 2 Port 10_D Series C
Likely L.O. Grothé Ltd., Montreal, Que.
CMC 2001.185.77 | S2002-7058
Tony Hyman Collection
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