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Are you a real Stamp Quester?
Part 2

  1. Who created the first Canadian stamp?
    Sir Ronald McDonald
    Sir Sandford Fleming
    Sir Rowland Hill
  2. What type of collection includes all the varieties of a single stamp or stamps used for a specific purpose?
    Thematic collecting
    General collecting
    Specialized collecting
  3. What instrument should you use in handling stamps to avoid damaging them?
    Tongs with sharp ends
    Tongs with round ends
  4. What country issued the first Christmas stamp?
    Great Britain
    The North Pole
  5. In 1990, how much did the "Three Skilling Yellow Banco" sell for?
    US $19.99 on sale
    US $1,375,140
    US $0.45
  6. What do we call the mark put over a stamp by the post office to show that the stamp has been used?
    A postmark
    A freak
    An overprint
  7. What country does this stamp come from? Stamp
  8. What do we call the holes punched between stamps so that they can be torn apart?
    Little holes
  9. This mark is stamped on a piece of mail to indicate that it requires greater security in transport. What is it called?
    Registered postmark MCP 1974.1229.1
    Regis postmark
  10. When did stamp collecting as a hobby begin?
    In 1240
    In 1954
    In 1840


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