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Are you a real Stamp Quester?

  1. How many stamps are there that depict animals?
    About 500
    About 7500
    About 153,254,255
  2. How old was the youngest person ever to design a stamp?
    25 years old
    12 years old
    5 years old
  3. Who is the person most represented on stamps?
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Jean Chrétien, the Canadian Prime Minister
    Mel C, of the Spice Girls
  4. What error do you see on this stamp? Stamp from Canada
    It has an inverted centre
    It has a freak
    It has a crease
  5. * © Canada Post Corporation. 1959.
       Reproduced with permission.

  6. What country does this stamp come from? Stamp
    The United States
    The Soviet Union
  7. * © United States Postal Service. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

  8. What are the four basic steps of stamp collecting?
    Accumulate, Study, Hunt, Display
    Display, Accumulate, Hunt, Study
    Hunt, Accumulate, Study, Display
  9. What does the word "philatelist" mean?
    One who loves to write letters
    One who loves to make lists
    One who loves letters bearing stamps
  10. Where does this record-shaped stamp come from? Stamp
  11. Who created the world's first stamp?
    Sir Sandford Fleming
    Sir Rowland Hill
    Sir Ronald McDonald
  12. Who chooses the subjects for Canadian stamps?
    The Stamp Advisory Committee
    The Canadian Prime Minister
    Queen Elizabeth II


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