Ancient Treasures and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls

King David: Legend or History?

Guy Couturier
Originally presented February 26, 2004

Dr. Guy Couturier, member of the Royal Society of Canada, looked at the discovery of the Tel Dan inscription (the earliest reference to the House of David) and at the links between biblical texts and archaeology.

Dr. Couturier is an internationally renowned orientalist and Old Testament specialist. His work relates directly to the archaeological and epigraphical discoveries in the Ancient Middle-East, which provide the context for any critical reading of the Hebrew Bible. His extensive research has been three-pronged: in linguistics, the comparison of Hebrew with the other Semitic languages; in archaeology, the study of the politics and the civil and religious institutions of ancient Israel; and in literature, the types and scope of the various literary forms used to transmit historical memory and religious beliefs.

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