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Souvenirs ... we all collect them when we travel to other places or into corners of our minds on voyages of self-discovery. They are often accompanied by stories that we tell everyone. Sometimes they are associated with memories that we keep private or share only with those we love. But they always reveal something about us. VIDEO EXCERPT

The Canadian Museum of Civilization's History Collection is like a collection of souvenirs. The objects it contains reflect a changing society and have been entrusted to us by generations of Canadians. Like most collections, it has gaps yet to be filled, but it is nevertheless a striking monument to our country's existence.

This virtual exhibition presents objects from our collection that recall images, events and people from the past – memories that are part of the legacy that has formed us.VIDEO EXCERPT

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Souvenirs of Canada appeared at the Canadian Museum of Civilization between July 1994 and October 2005.