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Arthur Lismer, 1885-1969 Educator and artist - Biography
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Arthur Lismer, A.R.C.A. 1930

Arthur Lismer, A.R.C.A., 1930
Archives of Ontario M.O. Hammond fonds
F 1075-12-0-0-53

Signature of Arthur Lismer
Canadian Museum of Civilization Archives,
Marius Barbeau fonds

Art, creativity and teaching

Arthur Lismer was more than an important artist. He was also an inspired teacher. As a founding member of the Group of Seven, he helped free Canadian art from its European roots. Seeing the wilderness with new eyes, he transformed forever the way we visualize the Canadian landscape.

As a pioneer of "Education Through Art", he campaigned for free expression as part of life and growth. He founded important schools of children's art in Toronto and Montreal; during 50 years as a teacher and lecturer, he carried his message and methods across Canada and the world.

quote An understanding of psychology, a touch for the maternal, and a capacity for looking at the world through the eyes of a child - these are the marks
of good guides and teachers. quote

Arthur Lismer 1948

Signature of Arthur Lismer

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