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Pierre Bourgault, 1934-2003 Communicator - Biography
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Pierre Bourgault, September 18, 1990

Pierre Bourgault, September 18, 1990
Photo: Robert Nadon
La Presse (Montreal)

Signature of Pierre Bourgault
Dedication by Pierre Bourgault in the brochure Revolution, 1962
Canadian Museum of Civilization Library
FC2925.9 N3 B68 1962

The voice of independence

Pierre Bourgault fought with passion and eloquence for the independence of Quebec. He was not the first of the nationalists to emerge in the 1960s, but it is his face and fiery, theatrical voice that many remember from the marches of that volatile decade.

Bourgault was the militant leader of the Rassemblement pour l’indépendance nationale (RIN), a radical predecessor of the Parti Québécois. Although he retired from the frontlines in 1973, he never ceased to write, speak and dream of Quebec’s independence.

quote The R.I.N. has instilled in Quebeckers' minds the desire for a country.
We must continue to keep this dream alive. We must transmit this dream
to the younger generation, which deserves to dream the way we once did
and continue to do. Over the years, I have understood one thing: we need
to dream, we need to dream always. Above all else, we must remain faithful
to the dreams of our youth: they are the only ones. quote

Pierre Bourgault, 2000

Signature of Pierre Bourgault

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