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Jules Timmins, 1889-1971 Mining entrepreneur - Biography
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Jules Timmins, February 1952

Jules Timmins, February 1952
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Signature of Jules Timmins
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Mining on a massive scale

The Ungava project, in Northern Quebec, is one of the greatest mining stories in Canadian history. Jules Robert Timmins made it happen. He opened a remote corner of Quebec to industry and delivered millions of tonnes of iron ore to world markets.

Born into an influential mining family (founders of the gold-mining town of Timmins, Ontario), he was involved in the mines from adolescence before entering the family business. Timmins’s skill and command of capital built new towns, drove a railway into Northern Quebec and developed one of the premier ore-producing regions in the world.

quote It is the realization of my dreams, hopes and plans . . . quote

Jules Timmins, 1952

Signature of Jules Timmins

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