Reimagine the Possible!

April 17, 2019

Photo: Marie-Andrée Blais

It’s often said that children are the future. The Canadian Children’s Museum is reinventing itself, and children (and their families) are steering the renewal.

“It’s time to reimagine the Children’s Museum,” says Chantal Amyot, the project director. Her dynamic and creative team has been holding events and conducting an online survey to capture feedback and suggestions from Canadians. “The process of gathering ideas from children and families, experts in child development, and other community members is very exciting.”

The next generation of families will have an exceptional opportunity to learn through play in the new Museum. Inspired by Canada, the space will be accessible and inclusive, so all children can learn and enjoy. Taking the time now allows the Museum to envision how children will visit and interact in museums in the future.

Developing a new space with exhibitions that support learning, while offering meaningful and engaging activities, will take a village. “We can’t do it alone,” Amyot says. “We want our Members and donors to help us make this major commitment to children.”

Imagine yourself part of the Museum’s future, and consider a gift today.