PRESENZA - Beyond the Reach of Time

Beyond the Reach of Time Photo: Steven Darby, CMC CD2004-0245 D2004-6039

These objects bring holidays to mind. Real holidays, when you close the door to the office, turn off the cell phone and have no demands on your time.

Holidays. Many of these objects are not solutions to problems, answers to questions or tools that one cannot do without. And although some of them have a practical function, their decoration greatly surpasses that.

Holidays. Neither profit nor efficiency dictated the creation of these objects. On the contrary, it all seems excessive: thousands of hammer blows, pieces and brushstrokes. And thousands of hours as well, because no sophisticated technology disrupted the slow, steady rhythm of mind and body in the process of designing the object, mastering techniques or shaping materials.

Holidays. Ultimately, these objects are of little significance, compared to the pleasure of bringing them into being. The journey is more important than the destination: when you have time on your hands, you can do and undo, imagine all the possibilities and explore new paths. Until you get the sense that you have done your best, and know the priceless satisfaction of a job well done . . . like the satisfaction you feel after a great holiday.