Masterpieces of 20th-Century Chinese Painting

This unprecedented exhibition features masterpieces of 20th-century Chinese painting. The selected works, the majority of which are from China, were created between the turn of the century and the present day.

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Chinese artists employ the myriad forms of traditional brush work to pay tribute to the past yet move forward in new directions. Their work demonstrates both the many variations of 20th-century Chinese painting and its metamorphosis from the past to the present.

Viewers can appreciate subtleties in the shades, variations in the colours, and contrasts in the brush strokes. Parables and hidden meanings can sometimes be detected. Day-to-day life, as seen through the artistsí eyes, is cherished. A Chinese master painting has spiritual resonance and artistic creativity which transcends its exquisite technique.

The artist employing the traditional brush form may follow the example of an ancient master. Yet, the artist also draws inspiration from heaven and earth, is familiar with nature, and expresses the spirit. A master Chinese painting transcends the boundaries of the paper or silk frame, to evoke thoughts and emotions. It inspires.

Chinese painting, a sublime form of human expression.

Nelly Ng
Chair, Canadian Foundation for the Preservation
of Chinese Culture and Historical Treasures
Hao Zhan
Managing Director,
China International Exhibition Agency