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Kayaks of the Central Canadian Inuit

Copper, Netsilik and Caribou Inuit of the Central Canadian Arctic used kayaks that were narrow and more or less round-bottomed. Some local varieties had long, thin end horns that could serve as handholds in the event of a capsize rescue. These kayaks were designed for great speed and were therefore well suited to one of their primary functions: the pursuit and capture of swimming caribou at inland lakes and rivers.

Copper Inuit kayak
Coronation Gulf region, Northwest Territories, 1916
CMC IV-D-1057
Caribou Inuit kayak
Main builder: Tunguaq
Baker Lake, Northwest Territories, 1968
CMC IV-C-3634
Caribou Inuit kayak with painted bands,
a common decorative feature of this variety

Main builder: Tunguaq
Baker Lake, Northwest Territories, 1969
CMC IV-C-4121

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