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Publishing has been an activity of the Canadian Museum of History since its founding in 1856 and proudly continues with new publications every year, including popular books on Canadian history, short souvenir catalogues of our world-class exhibitions and academic books in our renowned Mercury Series. Through this rich collection, we hope to bring the Museum a bit closer to our fellow Canadians and to interested readers around the world.

Featured publications

Old Man’s Playing GroundOld Man’s Playing Ground
Gaming and Trade on the Plains/Plateau Frontier
By Gabriel Yanicki

This book presents Old Man’s Playing Ground as a nexus for cultural interaction and trade, through the medium of gambling and games, on the natural frontier between peoples of the Interior Plateau and Northwest Plains.

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Canadian Art of the First World War
By Amber Lloydlangston and Laura Brandon

This souvenir catalogue showcases 56 oil paintings, watercolours, prints and sketches by 52 artists in full colour. As they did when they were produced, these works help us understand and appreciate the unprecedented contributions and sacrifices Canadians made between 1914 and 1918.

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A. Y. Jackson and Otto Dix
By Laura Brandon

Group of Seven painter A. Y. Jackson and German artist Otto Dix incorporated the brutal horrors that they saw as soldiers on the First World War front lines into their later landscape art. This souvenir catalogue traces the impact of the First World War on both artists’ careers. It includes 44 full-colour images of landscape paintings, drawings and prints, some never before seen in Canada.

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The Grand HallThe Grand Hall
First Peoples of Canada’s Northwest Coast
By Leslie Tepper

Explore the Aboriginal cultures of Canada’s Pacific Coast through this richly illustrated souvenir catalogue of the Museum’s Grand Hall. Discover ancient and contemporary works of Northwest Coast art found in every aspect of daily life. Soaring totem poles and magnificent house front paintings draw attention to the vaulted ceiling and stunning architecture of the Grand Hall itself.

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By Bianca Gendreau

Snow. A source of passion, creativity and ingenuity — what would Canada be without it? This souvenir catalogue includes over 60 images – from epic snowstorms to satirical cartoons – that reveal how snow has shaped the Canadian identity. You’ll never look at winter the same way again.

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Du coq à l’âmeDu coq à l’âme
L’art populaire au Québec
By Jean-François Blanchette

Through photographs, interviews and original research, this book is designed to improve awareness of the cultural and social history of folk art, while showcasing the work of little-known Quebec artists. Du coq à l’âme seeks to define Quebec folk art, while also examining everything from its traditional forms, often centuries old, to its most recent and unbridled form of expression: graffiti.

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Peace – The ExhibitionPeace – The Exhibition
By Amber Lloydlangston and Kathryn Lyons

This souvenir catalogue captures the rich history of peace in Canada through more than 50 images and a chronological account of key historic episodes. It invites all Canadians to better understand peace as a force for action and change in our past, and as an ongoing narrative today.

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By Mauro Peressini and Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique

This souvenir catalogue features over 60 beautiful photographs of artifacts from Vodou, the exhibition. They reveal the vibrancy of a living, complex spiritual tradition shaped by Haiti’s turbulent past.

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First Peoples of CanadaFirst Peoples of Canada
Masterworks from the Canadian Museum of Civilization
By Jean-Luc Pilon and Nicholette Prince

This beautifully designed, full-colour book presents a collection of 150 archaeological and ethnographic objects produced by Canada’s First Peoples – including some that are roughly 12,000 years old – that represent spectacular expressions of creativity and ingenuity.

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A Cultural History of the Nurse’s UniformA Cultural History of the Nurse’s Uniform
By Christina Bates

This first and only in-depth analysis of the attire worn by the largest workforce in the health care system explores the role of the nurse’s uniform in creating nursing identity for over a hundred years.

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L'exploitation du phoque à l'embouchure du Saguenay par les Iroquoiens de 1000 à 1535L’exploitation du phoque à l’embouchure du Saguenay par les Iroquoiens de 1000 à 1535
By Michel Plourde

The confluence of the Saguenay and St. Lawrence rivers is rich in both marine resources and human history. Michel Plourde brings the two together in this thought-provoking study focusing on the Iroquois seal hunt during the Woodland period (1000–1534). Dr. Plourde is a Montréal-based historian and archaeological consultant.

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Women’s Work, Women’s ArtWomen’s Work, Women’s Art
Nineteenth-Century Northern Athapaskan Clothing
By Judy Thompson

Women’s Work, Women’s Art combines oral traditions, community interviews and the writings of traders, explorers and missionaries with a wealth of visual materials – from rare early sketches to 20th century photographs – to produce an engaging and definitive study of Athapaskan clothing and culture.

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Rewriting MarpoleRewriting Marpole
The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia
By Terence N. Clark

This book examines prehistoric culture change in the Gulf of Georgia region of the northwest coast of North America during the Locarno Beach (3500–1100 BP) and Marpole (2000–1100 BP) periods.

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The publications listed on this site are available and in print. They are currently arranged according to year of publication, but will soon be presented and searchable by subject or collection. Digital editions of all in print publications will also soon be available. For older publications and selected digital editions, please search the Library Catalogue.

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