What our visitors have to say about Vodou

“I thought the exhibit was very interesting and it opened my eyes to something that I misunderstood and thought to be evil, like something shoved away and never explained.”   Katherine

“I am so happy that this spirituality can be shared openly. Thank you.”   Catherine

“This exhibition is truly insightful into a practice that has become so stereotyped. It was great to learn about its true nature and origins. The displays are excellent and bring the history of vodou to life.”   Amber and Leo

“Thank you for sharing the gift of your spirituality and your culture. You have enriched my life! Your stories will become part of the framework for my work as a spiritual care provider in a large hospital. Again, thank you for this precious gift!”   Pam Driedger

“I was positively surprised by the amount I could learn about vodou. I admit I thought vodou was only the practice of sticking needle into dolls, but now I understand that I have much to learn.”   Amalie

“Thank you for sharing your religion with me. I have been educated on something I did not know of before. You have changed my perception of vodou for the better as all I had before was Hollywood’s version. It is a very intriguing religion and culture. Thank you.”   Cassidy

“I would simply like to share that this exhibit completely expelled every myth and misconception about vodou that the media (for the most part) impressed upon me. Thank you.”   S.B.