Vodou can be therapeutic.


The protection and healing of individuals, families or groups is one of the most important functions of Haitian Vodou, along with the consultation of an oungan or a manbo.

Therapeutic Vodou Life can be thrown suddenly out of balance through sickness, professional failure, financial loss, family crisis or community conflict. At such times, the lwa—who is frequently called upon to serve humans—is asked to intervene and help the person in distress. This is what Vodouists mean by the practice of maji.

Practitioners of maji perform treatments to heal or protect those who consult them, in a special room called the badji. The practitioner calls upon an lwa known to be effective under the circumstances in question, in order to speak with the spirit. The lwa may also take possession of the practitioner’s body to investigate the situation for itself. Depending on the cause of the problem, the lwa decides on the appropriate treatment required to restore balance.