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Construction at the Museum

History stops for nothing. Least of all construction.

The Canadian Museum of History is an iconic building that is now over 30 years old. To ensure it remains available for the continued enjoyment of visitors, we’re undertaking two important maintenance projects this summer, which will have an impact on access to the Museum. But don’t worry! The Museum and parking will be open during renovations, and you will still be able to enjoy all our outstanding exhibitions and programs.

Lower Plaza and Waterfall Stairwell

  • The concrete steps at the Waterfall Stairwell next to the fountain are being replaced, and a temporary stairway will connect the Upper Plaza to the Lower Plaza.
  • Duration: May 2022 to early fall 2022

Parking Garage Repairs

  • The parking garage and the Upper Plaza will undergo significant repairs.
  • Ceremonial Drive (the main entry road for the Museum) will also be replaced. Cars will be re-routed to access parking. Ceremonial Drive will then reopen to vehicular traffic in late fall 2022.
  • The Museum’s parking will remain accessible throughout the project. As there may be modifications made to the entry and exit points, please follow all posted signage.
  • The sidewalk will remain open for pedestrians.
  • Duration of work: June 2022 to spring 2023

Questions and Answers

1. Where will I be able to drop someone off at the Museum?

Signage on site will indicate where passengers can be dropped off.

No drop-offs will be available at the Group Entrance.

Passengers can be dropped off on Laurier Street in front of the Museum administration building (closest to the bridge). The sidewalk from Laurier Street to the Museum will be accessible.

Tour groups coming by bus and coach will be dropped off and picked up on Laurier Street, between Victoria Street and Papineau Street.

2. Will people with reduced mobility still be able to access the Museum?

Visitors with wheelchairs and other assisted mobility devices will be able to access the Museum as normal through the parking garage.

Visitors who choose to park elsewhere will still be able to enter the Museum via the door adjacent to Second Cup, or through the main entrance.

The closest drop-off point will be on Laurier Street. The sidewalk from Laurier Street will be accessible.

3. Will there be a discount for parking?

Since the parking will remain open and accessible to visitors, we will not be offering a discount on parking.

4. Where can I find the Anishinaabe Recognition Plaque?

The Anishinaabe Recognition Plaque has been temporarily relocated close to its original location, where it remains in line with the monument to Chief Tessouat and the Ottawa River.

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