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Women of New France


There are two types of activities: Package Activities and Object Activities.

Package Activities are project-based activities designed to accommodate one or more classes. These activities involve the use of historical thinking concepts while exploring the whole package, resulting in a more comprehensive experience.

Object Activities are short inquiry-based activities that typically take 5–25 minutes. These activities encourage students to think critically about the objects being presented, and to use historical thinking concepts.

Both types of activities were created with the guidance of educators from across Canada, and incorporate current educational theory and approaches.

Package Activities

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Exploring Historical Perspectives in New France

This package explores the lives of four women in New France, each with a different perspective. For each woman, read the historical material and examine the objects.

Identify key characteristics of each woman and explain:
a) how each woman may have been affected by the events below; and
b) how they might have reacted.

Use historical evidence found in this package to explain your choices:

  • There were shortages of textile materials, such as hemp and flax, in New France.
  • There was an illness in the community.
  • There was a wedding in the community.

Example: Catherine Moitié was a Fille du roi. If there was a wedding in her community, she would likely have attended. She may have been a witness and signed her name on the record of marriage, if she was literate.

Object Activities

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