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Heather Campbell

Meet Heather Campbell!

A woman and a drawing of a seal

Photo: Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell is originally from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, Newfoundland, and holds a B.F.A. from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She was Curatorial Assistant at the Inuit Art Centre in Ottawa for a number of years, and was on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa artist-run centre, Gallery 101, as well as the Board of the Artist Run-Centres and Collectives of Ontario. She is currently the Strategic Initiatives Director at the Inuit Art Foundation.

Heather’s art has been featured in a number of group exhibitions, most recently the touring group exhibition Nunatsiavut – Our Beautiful Land at La Guilde in Montréal. Her work can be found in many collections, including those of the Canadian Museum of History, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada in Gatineau, and Carleton University in Ottawa.


Kaujilauguk Heather Campbell!

Heather Campbell Rigoletttimiuk, Nunatsiavut (NL) ammalu tigumiajuk Nalunaikkutammik pisimajumit Memorial Ilinniavitsuanganit Newfalâmi. Campbell UKâlattimut Ikajuttiulauttuk taikani Inuit Allanguattet SuliaKapvinganit, Ottawa-imi (ON) unuttunik jârinik, ammalu angajukKauKatigenguKataulauttuk Takujapvimi 101 allanguattet iningani ammalu angajukKauKatigenguKatautluni taikani Taijamut Allanguattet Iningani ammalu Art Centres Collectives Ontario-imit. Mânnaluatsiak Tugâgutigijauvuk Pigiasittaugasuajunut Aulatsijiutluni taikkunani Inuit Art Foundation. Campbelliup allanguasimajangit ilautitausimavuk sutaijajunut takujapviujunut, mânnaKamik apvitaKataulauttuk katingaKatigejunut takujapvinut, piluattumik apvitattitaujunut katingaKatigetlutik Nunatsiavut – Our Beautiful Land taikani La Guilde in Montreal (QC). Suliagisimajangit napvâtausonguvut unuttumaginnik katitsuivinnik ilautitautillugit ukua Canadami Piulimapviligijinnik ilinganiKajunut Taimangasuanit, Gatineau (QC), Crown-NunaKakKâsimajut IlinganiKajunut ammalu Taggami Suliatsagijanginni taikani Gatineau (QC) ammalu Carleton Ilinniavitsuanga, Ottawa (ON).


Photo at top of page:
By Heather Campbell