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Made by the Huron Pottery
Egmondville, Huron County, Ontario
Around 1870–1880
27(h) x 17(w) x 16.5(d) cm, 21.2(h) x 15.5(w) x 13.5(d) cm

Accession Numbers: CMH 2007.22.43, CMH 2007.22.44

Photo Number: IMG2014-0140-0142-Dm

Two Pitchers

The elongated slender form of the taller pitcher, coupled with the brown and olive-green glaze, was representative of the Huron Pottery in Egmondville, Ontario. It is interesting to see how this same form was applied to the smaller pitcher. The Huron Pottery was started in 1852 by Valentine Boehler, who immigrated to Canada from northeastern France (Alsace) in 1850. The operation carried on with Boehler, Jacob Weber (Boehler’s son-in-law) and other family members until 1910.