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Guelph, Ontario
Second quarter of 1800s
Armchair 88(h) x 52.5(w) x 43.5(d) cm, sidechair 88.5(h) x 48(w) x 38(d) cm

Accession Number: CMH 2007.22.80.1-5

Photo Number: IMG2014-0140-0475-Dm

Armchair With Matching Sidechair

The design of these chairs, one sidechair from a set of four plus a matching armchair, mirrors that of similar chairs made in Scotland during the early 1800s. In this case, they are made entirely of cherry, including the plank seats, which rest on the frame. This set was found in Guelph, Ontario, about 1950 and at that time was attributed to a local cabinetmaker with the surname of Allen. Variations in the design of these kinds of chairs have been found in Scottish communities across Canada.