Wish Upon a New Year’s Star

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What’s your greatest hope for 2017? Write your wish on a strip of paper, fold the paper into a star, and add it to our wishing jar.

What do you hope the New Year will bring? Peace? Prosperity? Greater happiness for a friend? A loved one’s recovery? A cleaner environment? Reflect upon what really matters to you, your family, friends, and Canada, and write your New Year’s wish down on a simple strip of red or white paper. We’ll show you how to magically fold the paper into the form of a puffy star full of hope. You can then keep the star close to your heart, give it to a family member or friend, or add it to the many other dreams in the Museum’s 2017 wishing jar. How many stars will it take to fill the giant receptacle with warm wishes for all Canadians?

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Image: Senoldo

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