Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Museum is closed to visitors and all other groups, until further notice.

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Queens of Egypt

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Due to COVID-19, Queens of Egypt will not open on May 8 as planned. Further information will be provided when it becomes available.

Travel back in time to the ancient Egypt of 3,500 years ago, where you’ll encounter women of power and influence. This major exhibition features more than 300 iconic objects, including monumental statues, frescoes, sarcophagi, funerary objects, and jewellery, associated to legendary queens such as Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. This immersive multisensory experience offers visitors an unforgettable glimpse into one of history’s most important ancient civilizations.

An exhibition developed by Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, in collaboration with Museo Egizio of Turin (Italy), and adapted by the Canadian Museum of History.

Image: Figurine of Ahmose-Nefertari, Deir el-Medina, New Kingdom, 18th–20th dynasties (1539–1076 BCE) © Museo Egizio, Turin