Les Pee-Wee: The Winter That Changed My Life

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This film will be presented in French during the event Hockey Night at the Museum.

In this uplifting story, 12-year-old Janeau and his father have moved to a new town after the tragic death of his mother. As they struggle to adjust, Janeau is befriended by Julie, a goalie for the local pee-wee hockey team, The Lynx, who are preparing for a province-wide championship.

Julie immediately sniffs out Janeau’s hockey talent, and eventually convinces her coach to let Janeau join the team, much to the dismay of the team’s current star, Joey, and his overbearing father.

This stirring hockey comedy will have audiences cheering for The Lynx as they race to settle their differences — both on and off the ice — before the championship.


Dates & Times
English French
Saturday, May 27, 2017
6:00 p.m.