How to Train your Dragon

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To enhance your visit to DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, enjoy the film How to Train Your Dragon at CINÉ+, on weekends from February 3 to 19.

This cinematic experience is included as part of your Museum admission.

When you’re a Viking, you have to fight dragons if you want to get ahead in the world. Vikings and dragons are locked in an unending battle, which has major consequences for the communities’ weakest members. Hiccup, a spirited but scrawny young boy, knows that he must become stronger if he ever hopes to take part in his people’s great battles and bring honour to his father, Stoick, chief of the village. Events soon come to a head, and Hiccup finds himself unarmed and facing one of the most fearsome dragons of all. Bit by bit, however, each side is won over, with both learning that it is possible, after all, to live together in peace and harmony.


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